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Welcome to Sunrise Enterprise

At Sunrise Enterprise, we are about infallible quality concerns and a commitment towards providing just what our clients need. Since establishment, we are dedicated towards ensuring that scientific and medical laboratories who are our clients; never face lack in supplies of high grade lab supplies and devices. Since we dedicate to bringing our clients the best quality international laboratory supplies, we source all over the world for the best products at the most reasonable prices. Our products are brought from mostly European and American manufacturers, and the guarantee of their products’ quality can be determined from the strict regulations the authorities in Europe and America enforce upon manufacturers. None of the products from our most reliable manufacturers have any form of defects, and are 100% lab worthy.

At Sunrise Enterprise, we understand that the slightest miscalculation in the laboratory may have severe outcomes. Each of our products are tested and screened for any form of abnormalities or manufacturing flaws. They are also sterilized and decontaminated carefully before packaging. With the promise of bringing the best of laboratory equipments, disposables, and devices from around the world to laboratories in India, Sunrise Enterprise is a name you can trust and recommend.

our subsidiary firm sky scientific working exclusively for laboratory equipment